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using net.bind_ip for a single/multiple instance on win2k3 server


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hey all

i have read every thread i could on this, and I have searched long and hard. according to what I have read I have it setup right, but its not working that way

i am using a win2k3 server

i have a main ip address

i have 4 additional ip addresses

i login to the box as Administrator

i am running utorrent 1.8.1 and I have a special folder where the .exe resides and the settings.dat etc.

i have added all 4 additional IPs correctly to the box (routing and remote access)

i normally login to the box using the main IP address thru RDC

i went into advanced and setup the net.bind_ip and outgoing ip to match that of one of my 4 additional IPs

when I goto a tracker and view my details, it shows the main IP, NOT the one I used in net.bind_ip

eventually I want to add a few users to this server, so I am trying to get this situated beforehand. (binding certain IPs)

I have also tried logging in to the server using RDC and one of the 4 additional IPs (the one I set net.bind_ip to) and the tracker still shows the main IP of the server.

is it possible for me as a single user (as of right now) to bind one of the 4 additional IP's ive been allotted and use that instead of the main server IP? if so can someone PLEASE give exact details of what I could be doing wrong?

I dont see what else there could be to it? even if I login to the server using the main IP, if I am using the bind feature it should be working.

I know I read of the way that Windows handles the bind feature, but I''ve also seen many people using Window servers with multiple instances running fine with binded IPs

this is my first attempt at this, so I could be doing something wrong, just cant figure out what


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