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Protocol Encryption new option


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These are the current options

Forced - only encryption

Enable - try encryption then not

Disable - no encryption

My suggestion is to add this option

Default - try no encryption then encryption

As you can see the "Enable" option allows for the biggest pool of peers, BUT if someone is using the "Disable" option they cut their peer pool down since they will be rejected by people that do not allow incoming legacy connections.

I propose a new option, labelled the "Default" option, which does the opposite of the "Enable" option there by maximising the peer pool.

Some people will defiantly like it since they don't care wether they use encryption or not but would rather not use it since it slows the transfers and increases the amount of data downloaded.

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Session Start: Sun Jan 06 10:27:30 2008


[16:52:03] <@Ultima> the thing is, some users might accept only encrypted connections

[16:52:15] <@Ultima> in which case, if it's disabled by default, you can't connect to such users by default

[16:52:32] <@Ultima> accept only incoming encrypted connections*

[16:53:03] <@Ultima> can't connect to them unless they connect to you*

[16:53:07] <@RyanNorton> Yeah, bit in 95% of cases there is no point in doing it and it creates extra overhead

[16:53:57] <@RyanNorton> maybe we should make an option that says "use encryption if other users don't accept normal connections" or something

[16:54:06] <@RyanNorton> if thats possible

[16:54:24] <&alus> it's possible

[16:54:28] <&alus> you just reverse the retry order

[16:54:40] <&alus> that's the only option in Mainline

[16:55:12] <@Ultima> so yeah, perhaps that should be done?

[16:56:55] <&alus> that's slightly non-trivial

[16:57:04] <&alus> because there's a large chance for introducing a bug :P

[16:57:20] <&alus> but, I'll file it

[16:57:26] <@Ultima> k, cool

So yeah, it was already filed in the bugtracker just a little over a year ago.

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