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slow/lag browsing when I download using utorrent


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I am using windows XP Home SP3 and I have 2Mbit/s download internet connection 512 upload) when I download using utorrent , Firefox is slow to load web pages. I read somewhere that I should disable pear IP resolve and DHT; this has help but the browser still lag ( slow to load then load suddenly). When I stop utorrent downloads, firefox browser is normal.

The problem is only with browsing. when I download using Firefox or internet download manager with utorrent download, the download speed is OK. For example, If torrent speed is 250kB/s , firefox downloads at 50kB/s and utorrent drop to 200kB/s which is fine.

I don't know if the router is the problem because even browsing and logi n to the router page is slow but why the other download is fine while the browsing is slow.

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