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Sudden slowdown.


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Until recently I was a Vuse user. It was OK, but uTorrent seems easier to use.

Anyway, Vuse had been running smoothly for about 6 months. Normal D/L speed was about 50 kB/s, upload was whatever I set the limit to.

Suddenly, this stopped. I would start a download and drop more or less straight away. Uploading and downloading.

So, thinks I, off to uTorrent as recommended by my Brother.

UTorrent will connect at about 5kB/s down and 1kB/s up. Now and then and it is about once a week, download will shoot up to something like 30kB/s for only one torrent for about 10 - 30 mins then drop off again.

I'm unable to find any error anywhere, the following is my info.

OS = Win XP SP2

Java = Java 1.6.0_06

uTorrent 1.8.1

Firewall = AVG 7.5

ISP = Tiscali

Router = Netgear DG834GT

Port Forwarded = 64000

Network = OK (always) (Green Light)

Speed test = UP:263kb/s DOWN:468kb/s

UPnP = Disabled

NAT PnP = Disabled

Bandwidth Up = 18 kB/s

Bandwidth Down = 0: (Unlimited)

Global Max Connections = 85

Max No connected Peers / torrent = 40

No upload slots / torrent = 4

Protocol Enctryption = Enabled

Allow incoming legacy = Enabled

Net.Max halfopen = 4

Tried so far:

Uninstal / re-instal uTorrent

Via Speedtouch modem.

New Filter

New cabling

New Master BT socket

Different Ports (various)

Different computer.

Various Malware / Virus checkers

Restoring computer to a point earlier than slowdown.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Well I read your post and took it up with Tiscali.

General misunderstanding between Indian Gentleman and myself.

Sent eMails and phoned and eventually asked for a MAC code.

As soon as I asked for the MAC code, my connection was throttled back to 4.5 kB/s.

Connected with ADSL24 today. Connection went from 4.5kB/s to 235kB/s in the click of a button.

There are limits to the service but uTorrent lets you schedule for that so I'm now one happy little bunny.

Thank you Switech.

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