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Ports Forwarded... an epic fail.


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Let me preface by saying i ride the techie small bus.

The trouble began when we reinstalled windows, doesn't it always.

So my partner was using http://www.portforward.com/cports.htm to try to set everything back up. However the guide has information for France Telecom, but not Neuf Telecom.. and he didnt find any router reference that looked like ours. NB4-R1.5.10-MAIN {i think}

i searched this forum and found some posts in French where it was suggested to enable both TCP and UDP protocals. My partner chose "les deux" and used 11000 for both the external and destination ports.

Now the UTorrent is completely broken lol. When i turn it on, nothing loads all of the fields are blank, and it is completely unresponsive.

*sighs* i remember the good old days when i could use my p2p and play wow at the same time...

Any ideas?

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