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Local Peer Discovery makes me suspect my internet is being stolen


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Some time ago I read about this Local Peer Discovery feature. Apparently it would look for peers in my local network. Now I've always assumed that local networks were LOCAL, meaning their means of inter connection would be other than internet. My computer does not belong to any local network. Apart from power and stuff, the only other cable is the internet one, that goes to that gateway or router thing, which taps to the telephone line.

Since I'm not part of any local area network, I've always assumed that Local Peer Discovery would never show any peers for me. An it never has. Yet today I've notice that in a download I'm having, in the trackers thing, local peer discovery shows 2 seeds and 16 peers!

Can what utorrent defines as a local network include peers connected to me only by internet? I don't think it is this way, as then this network wouldn't be so local anymore, right? But if I'm right and a local network needs other type of connections (other than internet), shouldn't it show no peers for me, who have no LAN?

This brings me to my possibly ignorant and stupid idea: Could it be that someone is stealing internet from me, and utorrent notices that connection and assumes it as a local network?

Please someone explain things to me. :(

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