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µTorrent not displaying correctly in Firefox/Ted problems


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I have two problems, and I have the feeling that they are related...

The first problem is that uTorrent isn't being displayed correctly in the 'Options...Downloads...View & Edit Actions' list. All other file types state beside it 'Opens with', then it gives a program (like VLC). But beside uTorrent it just says 'Opens with', but gives no program.

If I click on 'Change Action...' it is on 'Open them with the default application', and it shows the little uTorrent green symbol, but it doesn't specify the filename. If I click on 'Open with this application:' and double-click uTorrent on my desktop it will bring the symbol up to the box, but keeps the 'None selected' in the box. Any other program I set in there will work fine.

In short, the uTorrent program is not showing up at all in the Download Actions settings, so clicking on a TORRENT file will not automatically start it, I have to manually click through each time.

The second problem I'm thinking may be related, but I'm no expert on these things... I recently picked up Ted (http://www.rulecam.net/ted/) and set in a few episodes to test it out. When it updates it finds the programs and downloads the .torrent files, but it doesn't automatically start it, even when the 'Try to open in your default bittorrent client' setting is checked.

I'm really not understanding what the problem could be. I've tried re-applying the default application for torrents in Windows, still having the problem. I can double-click torrents and they start. I can also start torrents with the 'Open with' option in the download menu of Firefox. But if I click on 'Do this automatically for files like this from now on.' it doesn't do it again in the future.

Any suggestions?


Guess I should mention that I have deleted the mimeTypes.rdf file in the Firefox profile to get a fresh start on those things, a no go. Also clicked on the 'Remove Action' button and re-added it, same problem, the program name just doesn't come up.

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