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rediculously slow


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my isp is BT Broadband, i have a homehub wireless router with a 2mb connection tho via wireless i usually get between 24 and 54 mbs (not sure what that means). i work off windows xp and have utorrent version 1.8.1. i have been downloading a large file for a few days and am only half way thru. at first the d/load speed was greaat, exceeding 100kbps. now however i am experiencing speeds of less than 4kbps. now, my port is forwarded correctly, ive disabled my firewall and tried all these tweaks people advise but to no use. i also realise that during a certain time of the day BT do limit download speeds, i get mine fastest during the nite and in the morning. is there anything else i can do to help improve my d/load speed? often the upload speed is higher than the download speed if that is important.

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Tell us more about the torrent...

Does it have lots of seeds connected to you?

Are there lots of peers connected to you?

Are many peers stuck on the same percentage?

Is your upload speed at least 3x your max upload slots?

That way, each upload slot gets 3 KiloBYTES/second or more.

Have you tried turning off uTorrent's features that consume varying amounts of bandwidth for marginal benefit?

DHT, LPD, and Resolve IPs in particular.

Have you tried changing your settings to roughly match your upload speed to my Speed Guide chart (2nd link of my signature)?

What's your net.max_halfopen value set to in uTorrent, preferences, advanced settings?

(Any more than 8 is typically overkill and risks causing windows errors.)

Lastly, what protocol encryption level are you using?

Outgoing set to none, Enabled, FORCED?

Incoming set to allow non-encrypted legacy?

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cheers for the reply. there are 71 seeds for this torrent of which im connected to 2 at the minute. also there are 542 peers and im connected to 27. im not sure but i dont think thats good. disabled dht and lpd and my protocol encryption is set to enabled and thst did speed things up slightly. at the minute its 12.45pm and my d/load speed is 29kbps and upload the same. my upload slots per torrent are 3 and my max upload is set at 30kbps. max halfopen is set at 8. that help?

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If you're limiting max connections per torrent to about 30-40, then your numbers are about right.

Without knowing about the max MEASURED speeds of your connection, I cannot say if your settings are high or low.

Wireless can and often does reduce speeds due to packet loss caused by radio interference.

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That's rotten.

Your measured download is less than half of 2 megabit/second.

And your upload is about 1/5th of that!

On my speed guide chart (2nd link in my signature), you'd fit the 192 kilobit/second upload settings...which falls in the barely broadband category. :(

Are you sure you stopped all other internet activity at the time of the tests and tested to a nearby and fast site? uTorrent running DHT and active torrents while you're testing can considerably reduce the results. :(

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dunno bout all internet activity, its a family home so there coulda been a few laptops connected to wireless which i suppose could explain the low speeds, plus that was a wirless speed test, the desktop computer runs through the phoneline so im guessin it would be much quicker.

ive basically drawn the conclusion that im downloadin from a wireless connection, theres a very low number of seeds and my ISP limits speed at a certain time of the day, im prob gettin the best i ca for that torrent.

thanks for your help thoug, much appreciated

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