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I'm new to Torrents and am presently downloading one file (1.52 GB). The Connection light is green and everything seems ok. However I'd like to know more about what settings I should be using to get good/optimum performance (currently all settings are defaults) so I need a more experienced user to inform me since there doesn't appears to be a Mac uTorrent guide or FAQ yet and trying to follow one of the many for Windows users is unhelpful.

I'm on a 256/64 ADSL1 plan with a 3 GB per month download quota. Once I go over the 3 GB my download speed is throttled to 64kb/s (believe me it doesn't take long to use up 3 GB). I used Speedtest.net to determine my current throttled average download/upload speed which is:

Average Download Speed: 26kb/s

Average Upload Speed: 5kb/s

Based on the above results what are the optimum settings I should be using to ensure good downloading performance while also having enough bandwidth for web surfing?


Download limits: Limit download rate to: ? kB/s

Upload limits: Limit upload rate manually to: ? kB/s

Limit seeding rate to: ? kB/s

Seeding: Stop seeding at up/down ratio: ?


Connections: Global limit: ?

Per torrent limit: ?

Peers: Enable Distributed Hash Table network - do I need this?

Enable Peer Exchange for public torrents - do I need this?

Queues: Active transfers limit: ?

Active downloads limit ?

Outgoing Encryption: Do I need this and if yes does it slow performance?


Incoming TCP port: Presently set to 32248 (default). Is this a good port to use or should I change it and to what?

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Upload limits: Limit upload rate manually to: 3 kB/s

Limit seeding rate to: 4 kB/s

Seeding: Stop seeding at up/down ratio: 100% (if you don't stop it sooner)

Upload Slots per torrent: Set to 1 or 2.


Connections: Global limit: 25

Per torrent limit: 20

(No joke, if you can't max out your connection with 20 seeds+peers...your connections is broken/throttled!)

Peers: DISABLE Distributed Hash Table network! (too bandwidth-costly)

Enable Peer Exchange for public torrents, but if you only run private torrents it doesn't matter.

Queues: Active transfers limit: 1

Active downloads limit 1

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Thanks for your reply however I had a chance to perform another speed test, but this time in the late afternoon rather than late at night as I did with the first and the results are dramatically different. I can only assume that late at night my ISP's bandwidth is under heavy use.

Here are the new results:

Average Download Speed: 60kb/s (old: 26kb/s) which is 93.75% of the theoretical maximum

Average Upload Speed: 52kb/s (old: 5kb/s) which is 81.25% of the theoretical maximum

Based on these new results what should the optimum preferences settings be? Also what should my download rate be as you didn't include a value for this.

It would be appreciated if you would, when you have time, post a 'Mac specific' optimisation guide though I realise the Mac version of uTorrent has only just been released.

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I had my isp block me for a little while cause they thought I was doing stuff that I shouldnt be doing - i wasnt but its hard to convince them. Anyways I would like to accomplish two things please- correct settings and hide my isp or at least try to get my isp off my back

I have a mac. My Isp is dsl:

5 mb download

512 upload

I have an airport extreme as my router ( isp modem router is being used as a modem only)

What should my download limits and upload limits ( or auto) be:

What should my seeding ratio be:

connections: GLobal

per torrent limit :

Peers: ( do I check any of the two? - I use only private)

Queues: Active transfer limits:

active download limits:

Outgoing : enabled or forced

network - incoming port?

do i check randomize port during launch

automatically map port?

Right now all I've done to the default settings are:

unchecked both peer options and i have encryption as forced.

Thanks for all your help and PS I like the navigation and design of your site. It rocks, esp. for newbies like me!

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