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beta vista sp2 problem?


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i have this problem i have try to install beta vista sp2(v113) in my pc that runs vista ultimate 64 bit

everything has gone well and when i check utorrrent i notice that the download-upload speed has been lower a lot

i have never touch the adjustments of utorrent and i have always the same stable connection(653/6100) i have tried also the 1.9 beta(13910) the same results

the results was that with donwload of OOo_2.4.1_Win32Intel_install_en-US.exe torrent when i have not install sp2 the avg download speed was near 500 kB/s

when i install the sp2 theis number reduse to 97 kB/s

i have uninstall sp2 and the speeds where normalize again

has any one know anything about this problem?

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no i don't use other firewall only the firewall of vista as always before the sp2

but for the test i have disable it

also when i have uninstall the sp2 the speeds went to normal again

i know that this is beta sp2 but if there is a problem this problem from microsoft will remain even at the final version of sp2 as always

ok i want to test so i return to my office there i have at least 10 pc with different potentials and different windows install also a different itnernet connection and provider

what i have wright at first is correct every pc with xp or xp+sp2 or xp

+sp3 or vista+sp1 or even windows 2003 server+sp2

works as it should with utorrrent depending the settings with normal download and upload speeds

in one pc with vista ultimade 32 bit sp2 beta(113) the sppeds where redused at abought 50%

(from 200kB/s download to 100-95kB/s and the same for the upload)

so i think that maybe there is a problem with vista sp2

is anyone has encounter the same problem??

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