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Downloading at low speed...


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Hi i have an Cable Connexion (ISP its Ono España) of 12Mb

I have this connexion from yesterday. Untill today i've downloaded with utorrent at maxspeed (1.2Mb) and from now the download rate dropped at 120kB-180Kb

it doesnt matter how many torrents i have started it doesnt pass that speed :( (i download from torrentleech so seeds it's not an issue)

i run speedtest to be sure i have 12Mb, and i have them, i download from softpedia at 1Mb+ but utorrent doenst go upper then 180kB*s

can u please tell me what happened and how to resolve the problem?? anyone? please?


edit: ok so i found on wikipedia that Ono España limits BitTorrent bandwidth, how can i fix/avoid that problem??

im really pissed i pay almost 80€ at month for 12000kb/s and i actually have 120, now as we speak dropped at 75!! WTF

please please help me with this? what must i do? i forced the protocol encryption but nothing changed.. :( i believe its to late now :(

edit2: ok i solved the problem. following the steps below.. thanks!! im downloading at 1.1mb-1.2 ;) max speed now


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Encryption in uTorrent could probably help.

Also, you may be getting confused about line bandwidth/speed in kilobits/second and uTorrent download and upload speeds in KiloBYTES/second.

2nd link in my signature is a speed guide chart for uTorrent, based on your max UPLOAD speed.

Your upload is probably much smaller than 12000 kilobits/second.

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