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Most peers being disconnected in initial-seeding mode


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Edit: This bug was introduced between betas 11439 and 11444 ...I'll narrow it down a little tighter later today, but I have to run out the door right now.

1. Seed new torrent regularly: a dozen of about forty peers connect (I am not port-forwarded and never have been) and begin receiving at maximum speed from me. Nobody is disconnected and peer list is fairly stable. The same stable behavior is present when downloading/sharing other people's torrents.

2. Stop torrent (and/or close/re-open uTorrent); check Initial-seeding; restart torrent. Only two or three peers now connect and remain "stable". Other peers "flash"-appear for a split-second in the Peers tab, but are then disconnected before they can begin receiving (so the problem isn't similar to BitComet games or ISP traffic-shaping).

Equipment/ISP: same stuff I've been using for five years.

Nothing unusual going on in PG.

Not a killer bug, since I can still seed normally...but with the inefficiencies implied.

Edit: I remember now that about a week ago I manually upgraded my 1.8.1beta version to the stable release (since it didn't upgrade automatically). The beta, the number version of which I sadly do not remember, did not have this problem. (Then again, the last torrent I initially seeded before today was a month ago, so it may just be a coincidence.)

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