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'Unable to Load "Torrentname[site].torrent" ' error message


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Every time i try to dl a file i get this warning message from utorrent:

'Unable to load "Torrentname[site].torrent": The system cannot find the file specified.!'

Ive tried dl from multiple public and private sites; get the same message each time. I have noticed however that when i dl a mirror of the file, it does dl. I checked my firefox option, applications, it says bitcomet files: Use Utorrent; however under Mirror, it says Use Utorrent (default) and the image to its left is the image you see with the original .exe file you dl rather that the utorrent logo like the bittorrent one. Wasnt sure if this meant anything, just though i might add it.

If it helps: i use firefox, vista, and utorrent 1.8

Not sure what other info you may need, just post if you need it. Any help is greatly appreciated

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Hmmmm interesting.

When i open an already dl .torrent file it will open to utorrent and work. But i cant even dl a .torrent file from the internet now, or anything from the internet: utorrent 1.8.1, random apps or vids, nothin.

If anyone has an idea on what could be the problem that'd be great, but looks like this might be more than just a utorrent problem.

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