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Bug with multiple utorrent inner windows


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Not a big deal but just wanted to tell everyone the bug:

utorrent is running and the user is viewing the properties of one of the torrents.

Then, the user opens a torrent file that brings up another utorrent dialog box on top of the properties one.

If the user pushes aside the add new torrent popup, clicks back into the properties popup, and presses ok to the properties, the properties are changed but the add new torrent window is dismissed. No new torrent is added to the list and the .torrent file must be re-executed in order to add the torrent to the list.

If anyone needs clarification, I would be happy to give it.

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Ouch. I can confirm. Just for complete clarity's sake, here's a step-by-step repro instructions:

1. Open the properties dialog for an existing torrent

2. Open a new torrent, so that the Add New Torrent dialog pops up

3. Switch back to the torrent properties dialog, press OK

Expected: The Add New Torrent dialog should get focus again

Actual Result: The Add New Torrent dialog closes without being added

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I'm not trying to point out insignificant problems but I just wanted to make the problem known to the utorrent community.

While you are inspecting this bug, I think the focus should have changed to the properties dialog when it was selected. I think it should have been on top until the other window is reselected. What do you guys think?

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