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I have the same problem and I have done everything asked on portforward and it's still not working.

My utorrent port is : 2401

Myrouter is WAG54GS

My ip adress is :

my router ip is :

I have add this on my router interface :

Application : uTorrent

port extern : 2401

port intern : 2401

protocole : TCP (there is no both in my interface, I have to choose between TCP and UDP)

adress ip :


I am using ethernet connexion

But I have notice something weird when going on this website http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=2401

he is saying to me Checking port 2401 on, where does ip come from ?


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On your router, you need to open a port for uTorrent.

You will need your IP address and the Incoming TCP Port uTorrent is using (uTorrent->Preferences->Network), my port is set to 25556.

On my linksys there's a section Port Range Forward in Application and Gaming, just enter the required info (my starting/ending port are now set to 25556 + the IP of my MacBook) and enable it. It did the trick for me and now uTorrent is downloading again.

If you randomize the port on launch or you may have to do it every time you restart uTorrent.

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Same problem, no connection light and no downloads/uploads...my Linksys router port is forwarded correctly. build 14940 does not connect or download any torrents. I am also using port 25556.

I went back to build 13906 and all torrents started downloading. And the green connection light is on.

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I'm having the same problem, and I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with needing to forward ports. At home, it goes just fine through a much more complex network (ATT DSL to Apple Airport Extreme to Apple Time Capsule to wired switch to system) and works just fine. At my girlfriends (Comcast to Linksys wireless) it doesn't work at all (OSX 10.5.6). Quite frustrating. Transmission BT works fine, so I think it really is just the uTorrent app that's the problem.

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@alphadan: It may has something to do with Mac`s firewall settings which are different at the two Mac`s.

@akaliza: don`t mix your internal IP`s with those you have on the net. Nearly every router has the internal IP 192.168.X.X. So every computer on you LAN can access the router at this address. Your computer has 192.168.x.100 as your internal IP, which is given by your router (or manually selected at your router`s preferences). It`s the RFC`s standard. The IP you get is your "real" IP, which can be used to locate you by your ISP.

Sometimes a restart of uT helps, sometimes not.

I got the gray light when no torrent is active or uT started just seconds ago.

I got the red light, when uT automatically set the port to "0". Then the earlier port isn`s yet released by the system -> you have to use another port.

It`s yellow, when the firewall or any other system blocks uT (the port).

No incomming/outgoing connections with the new uT version: checked the old .dat files?

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