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incoming port always closed!!


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hi guys, this is freaking me out. no matter which port i choose for my incoming connection, there is always yellow triangle or orange circle in my utorrent status bar showing that my incoming port is blocked!! i've tried a number of ports (at least 10) and every time my port is bocked. i've also checked those ports with utorrent's port checker and the result were same. the ports are totally blocked and i get a very very very low speed.can anyone tell me what is the problem.

my firewall is disabled and when i download with utorrent i usually don't do any other things so that utorrent can fully use my bandwidth. still the result is same.

i use a wireless EDGE modem and don't have any router. so plz don't tell me to forward port. that's not possible for me. but is there any way so that i can get good speed even if i use a modem????????? i believe there is an answer to my question.

plz help me plz plz plz plz plz . i'm in deep shit.

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Your ISP probably permanently firewalls you. If that's the case, you're hopelessly doomed in uTorrent to NEVER get the green light.

However even firewalled, uTorrent should get decent speeds on busy torrents with many seeds/peers.

What speed is your connection and what settings are you using as shown by uTorrent's Speed Guide (CTRL+G) window?

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