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More info: Peers being disconnected in initial-seeding mode bug.


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Regarding the bug described in the last bug report, there bug is introduced in version 11440 (11439 is OK). (This bug prevents most peers from connecting during initial-seeding mode. Either they don't connect at all, or they appear very briefly in peers, and are then disconnected.)

The bug is present in the version arc to 12812, but then is gone in version 1.8rc1 and rc2 (I notice that rc 1 & 2, in properties, are listed as version 11439).

The bug reappears in 1.8rc3, and is apparently present in every version since, so, until it's fixed, I must return to 1.8rc2 to initial seed. I haven't exhausted tested every single version in the alphas list, but I think there's another version that initially seeds properly in there, because, prior to manually updating, I recall I was using a version with a "1.8.1 beta" name on the title bar.

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