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utorrent is find and fast but slow firefox


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my utorrent is fast and working fine (I follow the guide and I portforward utorrent port, and I get a green tick sign and fast download) but the problem is that when utorrent is downloading, Firefox is slow to load and sometimes it stop loading the page and I have to refresh. This happen with all sites.

How to make firefox faster when I am downloading using uTorrent?


please fix the title

uTorrent is fine and fast but slow Firefox

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thank you , now it is little faster. Do I have to this again if I update firefox to newer version?

Is network.http.pipelining.maxrequests related to half open connection? In windows XP I set half open connection to 100 and in utorrent the defaulted 8

Is okay to set the number higher for utorrent or firefox?

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First of ll I want to clear that download from utorrent download is fast and fine( it reaches 250kB/s) and the same thing for HTTP download using firefox is also good while downloading with utorrent(for example HTTP download 50kB/s and utorrent 200kB/s).The only slow is browsing the web using Firefox or internet explorer even if utorrent download is 50kB/s and there is no other download.

Detail info :

-net.max_halfopen is 1

-IP resolving in the Peers tab's context menu is disabled

-DHT is disabled

-UPnP and NAT-PMP are disabled

- peer.resolve_country set false

-maximum global number of connections is 100

-patching TCPIP.sys and set to 100

-network status light in µTorrent's status bar is green

-port checker from the Speed Guide : Port 61430 is open and accepting connections

-Speed Guide setting: upload 10KB/s ; upload slots 3 , connection per torrent 50 , g;pbal connection 100 , max active torrent 6 , max download torrent 5

-OS : Win XP Home SP3

-router is Microsoft MN-700(utorrent port is forward) and modem is speed stream 5242

-ISP is 3Web from cia.com

- 5Mbit/s DSL internet ( I get average 2200 kbit/s download and 140kbit/s upload because of distance)

the speed test is done from the website provided in utorrent while all download and activities stopped


It seems that also Avira WebGuard slow my firefox. After testing few pages I find that

torrent download on + WebGuard on -----> very slow Firefox

torrent download on + WebGuard off -----> meduim speed firefox

torrent download stopped + WebGuard on ---> slow to meduim speed for browsing

torrent download stopped + WebGuard off ----> fast browsing

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DHT should be enabled

TCPIP.sys and set to 50 or less

net.max_halfopen should be 50

maximum global number of connections is 10000 (for me n it works fast!)

uninstall avira n get avp(kaspersky) or avg antivirus(they dont tamper with ur speeds)

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retah ,

utorrent is not the one that is slow. My browser Firefox is. Avira is lighter. I don't know what the spec for your computer but when I install kaspersky, the CPU is close to 100% .

What is your internet speed? Processor and RAM?

the browser is more important for me so I want the browser to has higher bandwidth priority without changing utorrent prefence each time. I mean

using browser , torrent speed drop if needed

not using browser, utorrent speed is back

what I download in utorrent usually has lower priority for me than other download but I don't want it to be slow when there are no other download


I have determine that Avira Webguard is the cause. It slows all download expect utoorent one. I have netlimiter that show the download for each program. I was downloading at speed 50kB/s in utorrent , 50kB/s in IDM and 50kB/s in firefox. The program shows 50kB/s for utorrent and 100kB/s for Webguard.

It seems that all other download go throw webguard first. Webguard also scans every URL.

Now with my new setting that shown in the long post and Avira Webgaurd compenet disabled, the browser is fine even when utorrent speed is 230kB/s is OK.

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@namo: Disregard retah's post. And uh, I guess I'm going to have to mention Avira's WebGuard somewhere in the stickies and/or manual. I could've sworn it was mentioned before (I've suggested it as problematic for users before), but I guess it was all in my head.

@retah: If you plan on helping users, then STOP recommending such horrible settings. You're not helping anyone by doing so. What's more, those settings do the exact opposite of solving slowed browsing issues. namo already mentioned that he solved the problem in his post immediately before yours anyway.

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Yep, probably because WebGuard is trying to scan a lot of traffic (BitTorrent generates a lot), which causes delays to the browser because it needs to wait for WebGuard to finish processing all of the data and check the browser's received data before the browser can actually get/display it.

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