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Trackers refusal to allow connection


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Sometimes when I attempt to d-load a torrent or u-load it as a seed when the torrent has completed d-loading from other listed Trackers, I see this entry in the Trackers section of the uT GUI:-

Status: "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it."

Usually the same two trackers are named.

DHT, Local Peer Discovery and Peer Exchange are all showing as "Not Allowed"

Q is: are these two Trackers 'Private' or have they barred me from connecting to them??

There has been only one occasion when I could not d-load the torrent I was trying to get and that was because the only Tracker listed was one of the usual two that I have noticed. I had a notion that the reason for the refusal to allow connection from me to their machine was because of a slow u-load speed from my end. I am using uT 1.8.1 and have it set correctly for UL and DL speeds. ( 70kBps UL )

What would be your opinion on the Trackers refusal to allow connection with me?


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