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I'm No Longer Able To Seed Certain Torrents! (Dont want to be a leech)


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Basically ive downloaded 3 or 4 torrents all completed fine, seeding was going fine. My share ratio has now gone over 1.5, but i still want to be able to help other people download and want to keep seeding them.

I moved the downloaded file from its pre-set folder to a different one on my computer, just to make files easier for me to manage, but now on utorrent its not registering that torrent as downloaded because the orginal file path isnt leading to any files.

So it wont let me seed the files i have downloaded, BUT its also trying to download the whole file again! not somthing i really want to do so i have ended up deleting the torrents (Not the files i moved) because i can't seed them, and downt want to redownload them.


Is there anyway to edit the file path that the torrents are leading to? so it can re-register them as downloaded, and so i can get on with my seeding and help other people happily download?


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