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memory error


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It just goes to prove if you look hard enough you'll find. I kept getting the error message "Not enough disk space" when I tried downloading more than one thing at a time.

:rolleyes: I was only letting the files be downloaded/stored in © instead of (D) drive, not thinking about how much space they'd take up (I take it C must be the default drive cos I always save stuff into D. Don't know why I didn't on this occasion :rolleyes: .

Anyway I've been searching the forum for an answer to my problem and, yay, I've found it. After reading this I looked in C drive and I only had 269 MB of space left, Whoops!!. I've changed the folder now but I'm just gonna leave the other stuff where it is 'til it's finished. Not really sure what I'm doing and don't wanna spoil what I've got goin on. :P

I apologise if this is a bit technical for anyone but I just can't help myself :lol:

Cheers, kiai

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