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Same network but too slow..


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Hello every one i need help with this problem, first i have never seen my download go like what u guys experience (i.e 100kB - 1.5mB) now i recently tried something to see if i can get those tremendous speeds you guyz get... now check out this http://www.2and2.net/files/496a0ff0053f8.jpg and please tell me what i need to do..

My Pc

Dell Optiplex 330

Duo core 1.8Ghz




Download = 256kb

upload = 96k

Utorrent settings

Global upload = 35k

am also using PeerGuardian 2

please let me know what else you need me to provide...



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Switeck, how do i explain it, oh ok i think i know what u are saying...

I can download at 120 kBytes / second, (sorry i miss interpreted it) what i mean is i can use any download manager, and get up to that speed kilobytes not kilobit...

Now i upload (35kilobytes) in utorrent...

i hope thats clear...


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Switeck i dont understand what u are saying, if u are asking whether i hit that upload speed, then its a yes i something reach it (35 KiloBYTES/second), from my utorrent, that is what i set it to do... but even if its at that the download speed doesn't change (doesn't increase or decrease) by the way i even tried to make it 0=unlimited and wait for 2days but still i can do much.. the best i have ever gone is 25 KiloBytes... any help i will be considered highly...

yesterday i downloaded utorrent 1.9 Beta, but it kept on hanging and creating two log file and they had lots of number and funny words and address that in %programfiles%\utorrent so i remove it and restored back my old 1.8.1 stable, i removed all the settings (files in %systemroot%\documents and settings\username\application data\utorrent) and i had to set it again... and all i set was

global upload = 35k,



Global number of connection = 2500

max connection per torrent = 1200,

upload slots = 90

active torrents downloading = 2

ratio = 100

my proxy = http - ip & port

and maybe the location for saving after download

thats it


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Many ISPs that disrupt/throttle uTorrent decrease your effective upload speeds, that's why I asked specifically if you were able to reach and sustain the 35 KiloBYTES/second upload speed.

When you're only giving back 35 KiloBYTES/second, TOTAL upload slots need to stay about 1/3 that number or less. So that's about 13 total upload slots. Splitting that between 4 torrents means 3 upload slots per torrent.

Try to keep global and per-torrent connections reasonable as well, to be fair with others and to not overload your line.

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