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SpeedGuide crazy for SEEDBOX 100Mb/s ? Good Settings ?


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There is a very interesting post here : http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=36640

Why the speedguide set a so high upload slots ?

For example I have a seedbox with a dedicated 100Mb/s line.

SpeedGuide give me

- max upload speed to 10900MB/s,

- 1000 total connexions

- 125 connexion per torrent

- 50 upload slots

- 25 torrents dl/ul

In fact I always seed 10-15 torrents, and leech only 1 or 2 torrents

Reading this topic, I understand that I should lower the upload slots, right ?

What about my setting :

- 8900MB/s as max upload speed

- 700 total connexions

- 70 connexion per torrent

- 10 upload slots

With these settings I upload for ONE torrent at a max speed of 2.0 MB/s

I also see that some torrents have 13-14 peers connected (more than 10 so)


In fact if I choose the speedguide settings, it looks I haven't more connected peers, maybe a better upload speed for few torrents....

- 10900MB/s as max upload speed

- 1000 total connexions

- 125 connexion per torrent

- 50 upload slots


What I also do is as soon as I reach a ratio of 30 (and there is few seeders), I set a upload limit to 250KB/s and limit the upload slot to 4

Doing this I hope that torrent I begin to seed will have more priority, better conneixon, bandwidth than the ones with more seeders, and for which I have seed a lot.

It's very difficult, to find a good settings as I use webui only (don't see the debug).

1- What could you suggest me to have the best SEED seetings ?

2- Should I change some things like

- net.max_halfopen : 50

- queue.dont_count_slow_dl : checked

- queue.dont_count_slow_ul : checked

- queue.prio_no_seeds : checked

- queue.use_seed_peer_ratio : checked

3- Should I change disk cache ? now I have unchecked

- Reduce memory usage when the cache is not needed (unchecked)

- Increase automatic cache size when cache thrashing (unchecked)

- Disable Windows caching of disk writes (unchecked)

- Disable Windows caching of disk reads (unchecked)

Well could you please give me some advises ?

Thanks a ton

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lol yes sorry, of course 10900 KB/s and not MB/s of course :)

Ok I understand the ratio pbm involve in seeding to much...

Coming from Emule, there is few solution for this (PowerShare, seed only the "rarest" pieces, etc)

I seed only when the seed peers are low, and the leech peer are high. it should be good, I don't try to win a e-penis competition, but help the tracker by seeding the file where there is less seeder than leecher/peers.

Also, I'm the first seeder. Ok my ratio is very high because I am the first seeder (releaser), so with huge files size, I alalways have a very high ratio (upload a lot, no dowload)

What about setting the "Initial seeding" when you are the releaser (first seeder) ?

And what about setting a "Seed While [Default values]Ratio is: <=%" and "When µTorrent Reaches the Seeding Goal"

I do this now, but manually, because I first look at the seed number.

Maybe cape my ratio per torrent should be best. Like this I'll let files spreed between more seeder ? but how much ?

What meand the "Avail." data ? could I set a lower upload speed/and slot based on this ?

I don't use private tracker only too....

Thanks for all

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A high upload slots per torrent and very high global and per-torrent connection limit for your extreme box and connection may not hurt as much as it would for ANYONE else.

But likewise, it doesn't really add anything either.

If you're not connecting to more than ~20 peers per torrent, upload slots need not be much higher than that.

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