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Slow D/L speeds, tried everything


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Hi Im getting really slow d/l speeds and dont know why, im not that tech savy and dont know if its because im doing the settings wrong or my connection is just crap and this is the best i can get.

i have tried all the stuff suggested with no luck. I usually get < 10kB/s d/l and 1-10kB/s Upload. The best it gets to is 30kB/s when i leave everything default in settings but even then it fluctuates a lot.

The status icon is green with a tick, the port checker is wierd in that the majority of the time its says its ok and connections are open, however if im downloading a torrent at the time of checking the port will be random, generally open but will also be closed sometimes. If i refresh it can change and say its ok, refresh again and it might be not open again, is this the cause? (I have portfowarded)

The speed guide seems to make no difference at all i can put in what should be right (from what is suggested in the forums) for what my connection is or the highest possible settings and it will always have the same slow dl speeds.

In trying to sort it out ive changed various things as suggested in the sticky to no succes, net.max_halfopen has always been 8. Ive downloaded the suggested items (Slackware 10.2 torrent) with lots of seeds to see if it was the torrents i was getting but they too have the same low speeds.

Im on Vista with only windows firewall on, router is Netgear Wireless ADSL Firewall Router DG834G, although its a wired connection im using to it (wireless is secure, and i doubt anyone is trying to leech off it ) Only problem i thought it could be was due to alot of devices connected, theres 2 pcs, 2 macs and a ps3 + wii connected to it :o but even when they are all off its still crappy speeds. :( Any help appreciated.

My isp is BT, speed is around 6000kb/s DL 320kb/s UL


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Your ISP hates you and wishes you'd give up BitTorrent completely.

You can't change their attitude...but maybe you can fight it.

Try 'extreme' hiding tricks to get better speeds:


(Note: My post immediately following that one explains what settings in uTorrent are similar to the Azureus ones.)

DISABLE: UPnP, NAT-PMP, LPD, DHT (both kinds!), and Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window on an active torrent).

Keep Peer Exchange enabled...it should be encrypted if your peer/seed connections are encrypted.

Choose FORCED encryption outgoing, and disable legacy (unencrypted) connections incoming.

You might want to experiment with allowing incoming legacy (unencrypted) connections to see if that's a little faster.

DON'T expect to get decent speeds during peak hours...BT Central throttles ALL traffic it can't identify during peak hours. These settings are just to hopefully to get a little more during off-peak hours.

My best recommendation to you is research competing ISPs in the area. If you really want to use the internet, your current one just isn't fit for the job.

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Thank you for your help Switeck mate. Did everything you said and after a few mins it rised to around 80kb/s-160kb/s (still fluctuates alot) but then after a while kept rising topping out at around 550kb/s :o at which time the torrent was done :)

While this is good news after hearing what you say about the isp and looking around it seems a lot of them throttle the connection and i couldnt really find any other alternatives so hopefully it stays like this, (unless you have any recomendations :P) thanks again.

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