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Cable cut and trouble with speeds!


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Well i'm not sure if you know but there has been a huge problem in this region of the world when some undersea internet cables got cut around the 20th of December 2008. Repairs have been going on and according to the media over here the repairs are complete and the internet activity it back up and running like before. BUT I'm still not getting the same connection speed after the repairs.

A little geographical info for starters, the cables affected many countries like India, Pakistan, Qatar and UAE (where I'm at). I know only but one of the cables names (SeaWeMe, or similar). Repairs were complete as of the first week of January 2009.

Some info on my pc setup and internet connection, I've got 1 mbit internet connection package and I used to get speeds up to 118 kb/s on utorrent (that is before the damn cable cuts) and now the max I get is on average 40 kb/s. And yes the torrent has a huge amount of seeders and peers.

My internet setup is as follows I've got the internet cable straight from the wall connected to a Scientific Atlanta Webstar DPC2100 series cable modem and the modem is connected to a PC with windows XP which shares the connection through an ethernet cable to this pc which has windows vista (64bit) on it.

I've added utorrent as exception on the firewall as well as the port, i've checked and double checked the settings which I have and they are the same before the problem occurred... :S

Any help would be great!!

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thanks for the reply moogly

i'm thinking that maybe my isp has changed something from their side and so its affecting my connection is it possible that someone can walk me through setting up the connection with utorrent as i'm sharing the connection from the xp pc to this vista pc

EDIT: i just noticed that on the vista pc there is a triangle at the bottom of utorrent and when I check the port if forwarded it says error.

How do i forward the port when I have the following setup: wall > cable > scientific atlanta webstar cable modem > usb > xp pc > (shared connection) > ethernet cable > direct to motherboard on xp pc connected direct to motherboard on vista pc ?

Also note that I am not getting good speed on the xp pc either :S while the port IS forwarded properly on the xp pc ???

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