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Sudden Slow Speed? I Figured It Out! 2Wire Router FireWall Sucks!


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My port forwarding was setup correctly and was working for several months.

I was getting high speed downloads with no problems.

Then I've suddenly gotten slow speeds with uT in the last few days. The uT port forwarding

test returned "Error" and I suspected my ISP was throttling my bandwidth.

Thank God for the Glasnost website, I was able to determine my ISP was NOT throttling.

So what was the problem?

It turns out I changed a wifi configuration on my 2Wire 1701HG router a few days ago but it

had nothing to do with the firewall on the router. So I thought.

The firewall section in the router keeps duplicate names of computers

in it's dropdown menu of computer names

on my home network. I was assuming all this time that the same

name maps to the same computer. This was a wrong assumption.

Like there was 3 listings for "Computer-ABC" but only one of them was mapping to

an actual computer. The other names were mapping to thin air.

Once I determined which computer name mapped to an actual computer and

port forwarded to that name, everything worked again. I was getting high speed


It seems changing the wifi configuration somehow changed the computer name

mapping in the firewall on the router.

Of course, the firmware on this router hasn't been updated since 2005. So I suppose

the duplicate computer name problem will be with me for a while. Now that I was aware

of it, I was able to solve this problem. Perhaps this solution will help someone else.

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