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Friend says his ISP contacted him due to downloads through uTorrent.


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No really easy way to hide. Perhaps some VPN or proxy, but the good ones are probably going to cost you.

It's not the ISP that's doing the monitoring. It's the anti-P2P outfits that are monitoring and informing the ISP, whereby the ISP only forwards the message to you (otherwise, they possibly face legal issues).

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I'll be able to tell you for sure after this is stopped/not stopped:


"Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users"

(From the article:)

application-based restrictions would form part of a broader strategy to "monetise the intelligence" in the Virgin Media network. The firm did not, as reported by The Guardian today*, promise "to press ahead with its targeted online advertising technology".


the firm intends to lead the ISP industry in new network services that exploit customer data.

(end quote)

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