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port forwarded but still yellow triangle


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although i followed portforward.com's instructions ( created static ip address, changed router NAT settings) and i have allocated the port in my firewall i still have a yellow triangle and average speeds of 10 Kb/s download.

i have read all the forum guides, i've checked the speed and set it. i have tried enabling and disabling DHT. UPnP mapping is disabled. i have tried switching off the firewall, and even uninstalling it, but to no effect. portforward still says the port is not forwarded.

my router - Huawei smartax MT882 v2

Isp- TalkTalk ( carphone warehouse)

Firewall - Bullguard v8.5 ( windows defender is off)

i know my isp isn't the best, this might account for the lousy speeds but what about the port not forwarding?

should i try another port?

any help would be hugely appreciated!

thankyou for your kind consideration.

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thanks for the reply. i have followed the instructions on portforwards site for my router to the letter - i have input my new static ip address and my chosen port in the NAT redirect screen, then save & rebooted, but still no joy.

has anyone else had this problem?

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thanks for the advice. i have used those settings you suggested to disguise uTorrent from my isp but the speeds are the same and the port is still not forwarded. i guess the only solution is to leave talktalk and get a new isp. problem is they cost a lot less than their rivals. you get what you pay for i suppose.

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