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Created torrent tracker timing out


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I am trying to create a torrent and use it for sharing for a few people that I know so I don't have to use FTP all the time.

I've been able to create it just fine, but when I check it in the trackers tab, it shows that it's offline (timed out).

I am a little confused on what needs to be set.

Do I use the LAN IP or the WAN IP? Do I need to open up the port that uTorrent sits on in my router?

I am running version 1.8.1 of uTorrent and the current settings for the tracker are


I also have bt.enable_tracker set to true as well.

DHT, Local Peer Discovery, and peer exchange are all working.

Any thoughts?

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thanks for the info.

i will try that and see what happens.

changed the IP address to the WAN and then got a HTTP 300 error. Did some digging and changed the port to the alternate port of the webUI port and it got rid of the errors.

but now it doesn't seem like anything is downloading.

it might be cause my port is blocked here, so I'll have to try it at home.

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