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Peers disappear every 60 seconds exactly


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OK, This is weird.

My provider is Rogers in Canada. Even though I pay for "unlimited" High speed (the highest speed business service they sell), They have started monitoring usage. They say that they do not "choke" the bandwidth, but if I were to go over 100G of usage, they would charge me extra for the Gigs used.

When I get to 75% (75G) I get a warning email. I've also noticed that that is when the utorrent problems start. Usually the same thing others have been saying in this forum- Internet being cut off. Having to reset the modem several times a day, etc. (I should mention that 3 members of my family use the internet for work. It requires several computers being connected most of the day. We need to download and share language teaching files and videos over the net. This is completely legit.)

Lately something new has been happening. When I start a torrent, peers are gradually attached, the speed goes up to about 30K, then *POOF* all the peers disappear. They start reconnecting again, and in exactly 60 seconds *POOF* gone again! Before this started, I was getting speeds between 60 and 250K, depending on the file.

This has the effect of hugely slowing down the torrents because they are always 'reconnecting"

Has this happened to anyone else? I did download the new utorrent last week, and I have only seen the problem since then. Did a setting change, or am I paranoid, seeing this as a sneaky new way for Rogers to "choke" torrents.

I would appreciate it if anyone has seen this before, or has some suggestion on what couls be causing it.

Thank you


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