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How do I control up/download MB limits


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Hi I am new to using utorrent this morning I downloaded a 439MB music torrent file from btjunkie.org I notice that I have also uploaded 906MB. I suppose this is where someone else is then uploading the file then from me. I went to my isp to check on my usage and I have recorded a combined usage of 439MB and 906MB. I only have a 2gig monthly download limit. If I use bit torrent can I limit the amount of uploading done by others as I need to be able to control my usage of my isp MB limit per month Thanks for any help replies Peter P.S. I have now altered my settings in queueing to

Max no of active torrents up and down to a value of (1)

seed while [default ratios ] ratio time is (0) and seeding time is (0)

seeding tasks have higher priority than downloading tasks box is (unchecked)

Limit the upload ratio to value is set to (0)

Does this help? and do I need to change any other settings/values anywhere such as in the advanced user interface settings?

THANKS for any advice / help

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You can use rather conservative settings in uTorrent so less excess gets downloaded.

(2nd link in my signature for semi-balanced semi-conservative settings.)

You may also need to disable DHT, LPD, and Resolve IPs...as these can use extra download bandwidth but not add appreciably to your torrent's download speed.

But with your monthly restrictions...uTorrent really isn't suited for your needs. :(

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