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Torrents will suddenly drop way down in speed after about 10 minutes


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I can have any number of torrents downloading, and any torrents, I've tried with multiple torrents, including torrents with high seed-to-leech ratios and torrents with low seed-to-leech ratios. I have a cable modem with 15 Mbps down and 768 kbps up. At full speed my torrents will be downloading at a combined 1.5 MB/s and usually uploading ~70 kB/s and then suddenly both downloading and uploading will slow to under 10 kB/s each. But then I can restart uTorrent and the cycle will repeat itself. I've tried searching all over the internet to no avail, pleas help! I've also tried disabling UPnP Port Mapping and NAT-PMP Port Mapping. Protocol Encryption is at 'Enabled', I have tried 'Forced' but it made no difference. I have the green circle check mark both before and after the slowdown. Here are system specs, they might not all be relevant but just in case:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 OC'd @ 3.0GHz

2x 8800GT's


Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64-bit

Time Warner Cable, Road Runner ISP

Linksys WRT54G Router (Firmware: v4.71.1, Hyperwrt 2.1b1 + Thibor15c)

uTorrent v1.8.1


Max. Upload Rate: 81 kB/s

Max. Download Rate: 1824 kB/s

Global Max. # of Conn.: 800

Max. # of conn. peers per torrent: 105

Num. of upload slots per torrent: 15

net.max_halfopen: 8

Thanks! And let me know if there's any other pertinent info. I can provide.

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768 kilobit/second upload settings on my speed guide (2nd link in my signature).

My guess is something in your networking simply temporarily overloads.

Disable DHT, LPD, UPnP, NAT-PMP, and Resolve IPs.

...You may need to lower global and per-torrent connection max to 100 OR LESS!

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