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Disable file pre-allocation / workaround for Time Machine


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First of all, great job on the app!

Originally, I was thinking it would be nice to disable pre-allocation of files so that when Time Machine backs up, it won't back up the entire file, just the amount completed. Now I'm beginning to wonder if there's a better way to handle this?

It's troublesome because I'm downloading a big file (~8Gb) and as soon as I started the download, Time Machine backed up the entire 8Gb of blank filespace. Then every hour, it wants to back this 8Gb file up again!

Obviously, this is both useless and a resource hog. I'm not sure if disabling pre-allocation is the way to go about solving this because when 6/8Gb has been received, 6 Gb will still back up every hour. The only solution I can think of is if the files were broken up into segments until the whole torrent is complete. Obviously this method would not be desirable to most, but it would be a great feature I think. Any other ideas?

Thanks for your consideration!

ps, my sincere apologies if this is a repost but I could not find any other threads which suggested this solution.

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1. Mark "Put new downloads in:" and select a new "Downloading" folder or something..

2. Mark "Move completed downloads to:" and select your current Downloads folder, or wherever you want the file to end up when it's finished.

3. Go into Time Machine and add the first "Downloading" folder you entered into the list of folders not to backup.

Now you have a temp folder Time Machine never will backup, and your current DownloadED directory will only consist of finished files.

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