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Web UI problem


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i bought a seedbox with webui installed in it...

i did nothing else but change the default download directories to my own hard drive which i used to download all my stuff,

here is the error i am getting..


i thought it was a java error or something, then updated the java also, but still it has same problem

anyone can give a suggestion to overcome this problem...??

this is the first time i am using webui, before i was using TF in seedbox..


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The webui has no support for the description of the error. It can only show that the torrent isn't working because of an error. The only thing you can be sure off is that it is not just a tracker error.

If you want to know what the description of the error is you have to view it in utorrent itself. You'll have to bnc/remote desktop in or ask the seedbox provider.

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may be this is noob question...

webui is installed in the seedbox... do webui need to be installed in my pc too? i have utorrent still runnin in my pc.

and when changing location of download directories, in some forum it says it must be a specific format...

is there anythin as specific format for download directories?

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yakfoo not sure what you mean.

To login to the webui of a seedbox you only need a browser. When you change the download location in the webui you are changing the location where it is saved on the seedbox (not on your computer). So if you change that to a folder or drive which doesn't exist or where your seedbox account doesn't have write permissions you are gonna get errors. So this probably explains why you get those errors.

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