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Can't use browser..


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My problem is that last night i can hardly use my browser. Can't load any web page. Its like utorrent is hogging up all my bandwidth.

But utorrent was downloading very, VERY slowly.. The upload is faster than the DL speed..

I don't know what happened. I've used it for almost 4 months now but this is the first time this happens.. It happened suddenly.. I've never tweaked any settings except the first time i use utorrent 4 months ago.

Everything is setup properly exactly as the setup guide (port forward, firewall exception, speed guide, etc.). I am using the latest version.

Color of the network status doesn't really shows the status of my connection. Sometimes yellow, sometimes red, sometimes green. It doesn't matter what color, my downloads are usually at normal speed.

But now the download is very slow always less than 10kBps even thought the network status is green. However, the upload speed is always higher than DL speed.

The torrent i'm downloading has thousands of seeds and peers but its hardly downloading at all. The port checker almost always says its blocked although i'm downloading at normal speed.

I'm using Vista.

D-Link Modem DSL-2540T.

Belkin Wireless G Plus Router F5D7231-4

NOD32 (utorrent excluded)

Outpost firewall (utorrent excluded)

TM Malaysia ISP.

To summarise all this:

1. Can't browse the internet while torrent is running.

2. Torrent DL is too slow but always slower than UL.

3. Never touched the settings except setup for first time use 4 months ago.

4. Everything was just fine until last night.

5. And most importantly, I need help.


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I have the EXACT SAME ISSUE. I'm thinking maybe it has something to do with my ISP trying to block bittorrent.

My set up is: Win XP

ISP Be Unlimited UK

Everything used to work until about December. Now I occasionally get normal d/l speeds (600k) but most of the time it's 10-30k d/l and 50k u/l. The worst thing is that the browser becomes totally unusable. I could live with slower speeds but need to be able to use the net.

Please help.

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I don't have a good setting..? I've always thought my setting was good already since i've downloaded so many things.. :(

Somehow i knew your answer. "First and second post in my signature." :P Ok i'll try setting up again..

I've been using 256k as my speed guide setting..

Upload-wise, 229kbps average.

Another thing is that not only i can't use my browser for the internet but i can't even open my modem configuration page whenever utorrent is running..

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I tweaked my settings from scratch and now its working as usual..

Maybe my settings.dat got corrupted or something..

Thanks Switeck..

Something just went wrong again..

Speed is too slow less than 10 kBps for both DL and UL.

Network status is green. Port is forwarded properly..

I'm downloading ubuntu but its no difference..

I've tried slackware and openoffice but still the same max speed.

What's happening? Help...!!!

Fortunately, my browser is usable again while utorrent is running..

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Don't know but Streamyx is famous for throttling BitTorrent.

Weird thing is that this is the first time since i start using BitTorrent.

I first used BitComet but changed to uTorrent.

Right now my DL is around 3-8 kBps and UL is 3-24 kBps.

I really don't know what's wrong. Maybe i should use BitComet again.

I tried using bitcomet and thunder which is said to bypass my ISP's throttling but still nothing..

Somehow, utorrent started to work as usual again.

My problems are solved..

Just wanted to say thanks.. ;)

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