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Max Half-Open connection issue


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Not sure if this is the right place, but I only use yer client, so I figured for sure you guys would know.

Anyways, my issues lately have been my Modem crashing and resetting. Of course, this never happened before. It happens when I try to join a online game, or I start to many torrents.(I used to be able to run like 10 torrents before without these issues)

Some friends made it aware the Router I had to install, so my roomies could use the internet too, might not be able to HANDLE all of the connections flooding in.(I have properly forwarded ports, I know how to do that, I've never had any issues and it does say it's forwarded in uTorrent)

I'm using Vista 64-bit SP1.(I know, don't get on my case!)

http://broadband.motorola.com/consumers/products/sb5120/ > ComCast gave me, 2-3 years ago.

The one my room mates purchased is a Belkin...let me find a Link maybe.


Not top of the line I know, but I've configured it correctly, Cloned Mac addres's and whatnot.

Now before their router, I had no issues, but could the Max Half Open connections thing have to do with it somehow and is it causing my modem to over-flow and reset? Again, normal browsing is no problem at all, sure browsing the Web while torrenting is slower than it used to be, but only games reset it when I try to connect to a game with alot of people.

Thanks for any help offered.

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