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Inconsistency in Download Rates - Arggghhhh!


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Ok, so I have one file (audio) sized 198MB, 2(2) Seeds, 0(7) Peers is downloading at a rate of around 160kb

And at the same time downloading another file (video) sized 699MB, 2(3) Seeds, 1(46) Peers and this is downloading at a rate of around 2.4kb

How can this be the case?

I have an 8MB connection with Tiscali, never had any problems before I upgraded from 2MB a few weeks ago. I've run the tests to check if the connection is being throttled (it isn't) and done various changings to preference settings as suggested on the forum with no affect.

I can have around 10 files (mainly video) downloading, but each will rarely get above 30kb.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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