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Thoughts on P2P, heavy net load and bricking routers.


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Im a happy owner of Linksys WRT54. Its the best router I ever had.

But this router seems to have issues with P2P. After reading up on it and graced it with the dd-wrt firmware. Supposedly this gives me a lot more control over the router, allowing me to stop P2P traffic to rampaging shoot rabid data packets all over the network and sending my browsing session to a crawl.

Well, Ive done I can possibly do and I still have the same problems as when I was running the vanilla firmware and untouched configuration of uTorrent. The only difference is that now I get speed as low as 100-200 Kb/s on torrents that otherwise would run at 3000Kb/s, and my browser is still crippled to nothingness.

There are alot of posts on this on the forum. There are also a note on the guide for my specific router "dont ask questions about firmware!". I find it odd, however, that uTorrent was running at blazing speed some 6 months ago and I never had thee problems. Then I upgraded to a new version of uTorrent and suddenly P2P is unusable with that client.

Using BitTyrant my internet is not affected at all.

Thats kinda odd. Isnt it?

Well, Ive been using uTorrent for a long time. I hope you will be able to solve these issues, seems alot of people are experience trouble with uTorrent suddenly. Why not do a rollback to some old version? For now I will stick to BitTyrant.

Thanks for some really great P2P years thou! =)

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First things first: see the first link in my signature regarding interrupted connections. Make sure you don't have potentially unneeded features (like DHT or IP resolving) enabled.

Secondly, I didn't have a good experience using DD-WRT either, so I switched to Tomato firmware. The only problem is, if you have a WRT54G v5 or higher, you won't be able to use Tomato...

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