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(Single) Seeder please can I have some more (more frequently)?


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I have a couple of torrents which seem to flip between a couple of 'states':

(1) a number of peers all at the same download percentage, sitting there, idle. When someone gets a piece, everyone gets that piece relatively quickly. Rather cool to watch, actually.

(2) a seed will appear and what you expect to happen, happens. But not too quickly. Seems like it distributes a couple of .1%'s around, then disappears again.

Not too long after the seed appears (it may or may not send me a piece), I see it go snubbed. If I understand snubbing correctly, all it means is that seed hasn't talked to me for a while. For whatever the reason, e.g. busy doing other things and hasn't or won't get back to me.

Is there a way to more quickly poke it to say, essentially, "Hey, Sir ... you are the only seeder, we're all dying here, could you please send me another piece, pretty please - and it's a higher priority than whomever else you're talking to (in my opinion) cause you're the only seeder and we're all dying here ... I promise to give your piece to others for you, I'll be good .... really I will ..."

Or something like that. Pardon my ignorance at the terms and 'technology' here ... pertinent / quick tips / links appreciated here.

Also in this situation ... without the seed ... suddenly one of the peers will get a piece and we'll all get it / share it relatively quickly. (see above 'rather cool'.) But where is this piece coming from? Do all peers have an incompletely overlapping list of peers such that I don't actually see the 'whole' at a given point in time - but it is out there?

If so, why am I not seeing those other peers that other peers have? (Granted, private peers, max. peers / connections, and other things come into play, but in this situation there's no more than, say, a couple of dozen peers I see. So granted, at sufficiently high number of connections I will never see all of the other peers at once.)

Thanks for any insights you can share.

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