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Scheduler settings sometimes change themselves


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Sorry of this has been mentioned. I've had a quick search but not found a mention of it.

In the scheduler, via Preferences, I have values in the Limited upload rate and Limited download rate boxes. I have the scheduler enabled with unlimited rates for overnight and limited ones for during the day.

Sometimes during the day I want to temporarily alter the current upload and/or download rates via the systray icon. This is generally because my connection is feeling sluggish and web pages are taking too long to load.

What I'm finding (and this never happened with previous releases) is that sometimes - but definitely not every time - these temporary rates overwrite the values I put in through Preferences.

So now when I use the menu from the systray icon I'm having to first disable the scheduler (and the rates momentarily rocket) and then put in the temporary upload/download rates so that they don't overwrite the ones I want in the scheduler.

As I say, whether my Preferences values are overwritten is completely unpredictable.

Anyway, I'd prefer it if it didn't overwrite my required values.

Thank you.

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