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seeds = 1/2785 WTH!?


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I am downloading a torrent that's pretty popular, and it has 2785 seeds and 4874 peers. The problem is, I can only connect to 1 (now 2 since I was typing this) seeds, and 2 peers! I have all of the ports forwarded, my firewall on my Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 allows all connections from uTorrent and doesn't scan its network activity, the only thing I set it to do is scan the files it opens. I have tried everything in the "IF YOU HAVE SPEED ISSUES READ HERE FIRST" thread and nothing worked. I am running Windows 7 beta build 7000, but this also happens on the same computer with Windows XP. I checked if my ISP is throttling my bittorrent on glasnost and it's not. Any ideas?

EDIT: never mind, I figured it out. I have dd-wrt on my router, and I went to administration->management->IP Filter Settings (adjust these for P2P) and set maximum ports to 4096, TCP tmeout to 300 seconds, and set UDP timeout to 300 seconds. Now I'm connecting to 18 seeds and 28 peers, which isnt as much as I'd ideally want, but enough.

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Lower both TCP and UDP timeout to 30 seconds on your router.

Try the 2nd link in my signature for uTorrent speed settings.

(NOTE: Settings based on max UPLOAD speed!)

Beyond about 30 peer/seed connections, often additional connections gain you little download speed...because you cannot effectively upload to all the peers giving you download. So eventually, peers may auto-disconnect if you haven't uploaded or downloaded in ~5 minutes.

High net.max_halfopen (anything over 8 really) only helps connect quicker in the first 1-3 minutes. After that, constantly attempting the same ips over and over again just burns bandwidth. :P

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