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newbie reporting trojan horse


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Hi Andre,

We can considere some hipotesis berfore report a trojan.

1) the person that create the torrent does not know about it

2) the person that create the torrent knows about it, and inserted it intentionally into the files.

3) the person that create the torrent does not complain about it.

In all the 3 cases above, thething to do is to send an email to the site where you have downloaded the torrent from. In the email body you can send the date and the kind of the trojan, if you know.

Also send the torrent atached.

If the pack you are downloading is a multiple files one, uTorrent permits you select some files from a list, and avoid to download some contamineted file. With programs like Spyware Doctor or AVG many times the virus or trojan can be easily removed.

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