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trouble seeding


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i have forwarded my ports, set up a static IP, disabled DHT, and have done a few other odds and ends, including reinstalling utorrent entirely, and following everything in the sticky except patching that file (i'm on vista). i have checked glastnost and my ISP is apparently NOT interfering. i have also disabled the only firewall i had (windows).

i have been seeding 11 torrents, between 200mb and 5GB in size each, for about 4 days from a private tracker to which i DO have an account. the downloading is super fast, and i have no complaints. each torrent has peers. i have only uploaded to 2 files, one with 800kb, and the other with an impressive 24MB (all of which happened overnight).

if i watch my torrents, it looks like a peer attempts to connect every minute or so, and i upload .1kb (some packets, i assume) for a split second and they get dropped. sometimes, the status indicator on the bottom of the screen says no incoming connections, though for the most part it says network ok. i AM connectable.

can anyone please help? if you need more information, just let me know. thanks!

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aww... thanks for the info. at least its not my fault.

are there any other websites like glastnost that are up to date ?

edit: i need to update my problem- i just realized that if my torrents are from a public tracker, i can upload just fine. i have gotten speeds above 60 kb/s. it is only this private tracker that is difficult to connect to.

not sure how i didn't notice this before, sorry. i'm pretty sure this means it cannot by my ISP. =/ can it be something else?

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