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connection is always yellow problem


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How can I get my connection to green? I have tried several things and I can't get it off yellow.

Further, my dl is always around 50 but my ul is around 300. I seed at 1.5 and use speakeasy to check speed to input into max upload. I've also changed my max global and per torrent connections to a match a list i've found on this site.

My dl speed never goes higher than my ul speed and I dont really mine sharing but I'd rather not have to keep dl'ing at 50 kbps taking me a week to dl an app while im ul at 6 times that rate.

Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

edit: also how can i get my seeds higher? it keeps telling me this in the dl menu under seeds 7(390). I'm assuming that means out of 390 seeds im only dl'ng from 7.

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I am on a school network, idk how to go about finding out the router number bc i just plug my ethernet wire into the wall. I doubt they would just give me the make and model number. Is there any other way to find out?

edit: i have used ip sniffer to find my router ip address. is there a way to reverse find my router through that ip?

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