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Awesome Upload, slow download?


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Hey guys, I'm trying to figure this out, I'm at university, and at first I could not download at all, once I set the traffic to go through port 80, and then encrypted it though, it worked fine.

I've got a speed of 10mpbs, and I can quite happily upload at 900 odd kbps, but my download seems to drag behind, always. (Currently, for example, 127kb down, 400kb up)

Also, a quick question, if you upload with a quicker speed, will you download at a quicker speed? Does Utorrent have a bias on those with better share ratios?

I've got a yellow indicator, as obviously I cannot open ports, due to being behind a router out of my control, though, I'd have thought uploads would have been hit as hard if it were a router problem, any suggestions are appreciated :)

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Spell out which you mean speed-wise.

It's too easy to confuse bandwidth speeds (typically in bits) with download/upload speeds (almost always shown in BYTES.)

You'll probably need to cut uTorrent's connection count WAY down so as not to run afoul with your university's policies.

DHT almost certainly won't work right through their gateways, so disable both kinds.

Resolve IPs is equally useless. (right-click in PEERS window of an active torrent)

net.max_halfopen definitely should be left no higher than 8.

2nd link in my signature for other settings...anything higher than 512 kilobit/second upload settings may be viewed as "too much" by Uni network administrators.

Lastly, you can use uTorrent's Scheduler to reduce its bandwidth used further during peak hours...which for universities can run from as early as 8 AM to as late as 10 PM. :(

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