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Warning message when you try to redownload a torrent


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uTorrent saves the torrent files for every job in a folder called utorrent\torrents.

So, I'd like it to give a warning when I try to redownloard a torrent

that I had downloaded+finished before (and even if it's torrent still exists in utorrent\torrents).

Now, it gives you a popup only

a) when you try to add a torrent

when it's currently running (and asks you whether to add it's trackers in it)...

OR B) when it's completed (=you haven't pressed 'Remove' in the Completed Jobs list) and seeding.

Thank you

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Yes, but wouldn't it be better if utorrent did keep track of the torrents?

Now, quite frequently, I have to manually check the \torrents folder to make sure

that I haven't downloaded a torrent before,

or -if I have to deal with many torrent files- I even have to save the torrents as files in a folder

and them check them against the \torrents folder

for duplicates..

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I suggest another thing then:

-provided that the user has set utorrent to "store .torrent files" in a folder-

whenever the user tries to load a torrent, for which the .torrent file already exists in the folder mentioned above

(therefore utorrent will have to overwrite that file in order to store it),

to get a warning that the torrent file he tries to load already exists, so it's possible that he may have already downloaded it previously,

and to confirm whether he wants to continue or not.

In other words, I'm talking about a simple checking, whether the loaded .torrent file already exists -no "track keeping" of any sort-.

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