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So many fake trackers!!!!


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So I've been "cross-checking" the trackers in torrents with fenopy's fake tracker site.

But every single torrent I come across has a "fake" tracker listed in fenopy.

Why does every torrent have a fake tracker?

How can I find torrents w/o fake trackers???

Or is it okay to dl a torrent with only a few fake trackers?

I know these are lots of questions but one more:

Is denis.stalker really that bad?

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Contrary to comments on denis.stalker, I Ifind that, after I have begun a Torrent d-load,the first tracker on the ist is usually one tracker labled: denis.stalker. I let all Torrents stablize to a fairly even rate, then I remove te denis.stalker tracker. As with removing trackers labled; "false,No-Connect,Wrong URL,etc," the u-load & d-load rates imporove. What is interesting to note, is that most times I have done this, there has been no change in the numbers of Peers,Seeds or Leeches. This could be co-incidental, but I also end up with fewer corrupt,incomplete or falsely-titled fines. This somewhat mythical, pain-in-the-arse, fall-guy has dropped more red-herrings than a clumsy aquarium worker. His(it's) legacy lives on or merely perpetuates through our memories & our constant monitoring of our own Computors & our fears.

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Lets strat with denis.stalker, NOPE, it's not bad, i thought that too at the beginning and i heard that it gives our details to MPAA and RIAA, but i asked K`Tetch who is a respected person and he told me that he talked with the admins of mininova and they said there is nothing wrong with denis.stalker.

I heard that fenopy's fake finder is not accurate, we been testing known fake torrents on it, and it said your torrent is not fake, blah blah!!

To be safe, use private trackers and/or download from trusted uploaders on public sites with good comments on the torrent etc, and remember you only need one tracker (3 at most) and DHT on.

And since we are in utorrent's forum, by "download" i mean download freeware, don't download copyrighted material ;)

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