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creating torrent on mac.. which program?


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Well, I am a Mac user and I have downloaded it some time ago. This is a widget for the dashboard and the usual way to get in there is F4 or the middle-mouse button(standard settings with mighty mouse) , but I wasn`t able to drag a file or folder onto my dashboard. I was asking myself if I`m to stupid for this or if it`s simply all but possible, but there is another and even more comfortable way to get this done. It`s helpful anyway:

Go open your Terminal and type this:

defaults write com.apple.dashboard devmode YES

When you log out and log in afterwards, it is possible to drag a widget from the dashboard to the desktop by keeping it dragged and change your screen to the desktop with F4 again (it is impossible with the mighty mouse to keep it dragged and click the middle-mouse-button! ^^)

When you`re done, you can drag`n`drop any file to the widget on your desktop. Click the "i" information button to change your tracker, it`s port and the torrents`s name.

BE WARNED: This widget is highly instable! Either your desktop gets frozen for some seconds by creating a torrent from a large file or the widget simply refuses to work (no way to drag`n`drop, no way to get back to functionality without rebooting...) !!!

It`s just one way to create a torrent on a Mac, but the only one with uTorrent.

You can call your development mode off again with "[...] NO" instead of "[...] YES" at the Terminal and your widgets at the desktop (which will stay always on top!) can be put back by holding them and press F4.

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