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torrent loading not working on packs (says loaded)


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95% of the time it works just fine

but on packs the .torrent is being saved and then auto loaded (marked .loaded) but it neveer shows up in utorrent

I checked one that didn`t work by manually downloading a copy and the filesize matched so thats not the issue

any ideas

also I am running it on wine 1.0.1 (the first version that fixed the peer drop bug) on debian 4.0

I used wine 1.1.7 at another site and got wrongly banned for ghosting (not sure if it was related to wine or not)

ps- plz don`t just blame wine :)

PS- A few that do load give path not found and stop right away, but the others that don`t show up at all are saved after loading in the folder I specified to hold .torrents

paths are:

downloads: /home/mishkin/.wine/drive_c/torrent/download/

utfiles: /home/mishkin/.wine/drive_c/torrent/utfiles/

watchdir /home/mishkin/.wine/drive_c/torrent/torrentfiles/

in utorrent they are set as

C: torrent torrentfiles etc (my backslash isn working so where there is a space put a backslash)

I tryed having my file folders in a Z: location but ut would often switch the forward slashes to backslashes

and this seems to be working muc more often for the script using mirc, not so much for the irssi one (but it was fucked with Z: locations too)

many scripts many clients, one utorrent...

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