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Small bug; involves how utorrent moves files and starts/resumes dls


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Initially my utorrent was setup to download all files into c:\downloads, and some torrents had been downloaded to there

I later decided to put finished ones in c:\downloads\completed torrents

and unfinished ones in c:\downloads\torrenting

i wanted to organise the ones i'd already downlaoded, into where they should be if i'd done this in the first place.. so i moved the files myself manually. i then stopped them in utorrent, set their download location to Completed Torrents (thinking this is where UT would expect them to be) then started them. utorrent started to d/l them again, so i stopped and removed the torrent from the list, took the .torrent file out of the c:\program files\utorrent\torrents directory where UT had put it, and moved it to the desktop

I then moved the torrents to the c:\downlaods\torrenting directory (i was going to make UT think to download them again)

now, i started the .torrent on the desktop, and UT went to automatically d/l it with the new settings. it checked the torrent files (in Torrenting dir) 100% and announced it as Queued Seed. however, what i dont understand is:

it didnt move it from Torrenting to Completed Torrents

it renamed all the files from .mp3 to .mp3.ut! even though the content was 100% complete

i stopped the torrent and started it again, and UT renamed all the files from .mp3.ut! to .mp3, but still didnt move the files to Completed Torrents

i was NOT playing the files in winamp at the time (which will prevent moving)


surely, the behaviour ought to have been that it didnt rename at all, and moved the d/l from Torrenting to Completed Torrents?

i guess this wouldnt affect a lot of people.. only those people who want to reorganise where they are seeding their torrents from. . it seems like hard work to get UT to pick up on where they are, were, and should be

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correction to one thing: i had an explorer window open showing c:\downloads\torrenting\somedownload\

and i was complaining that UT didnt move SomeDownload to COmpleted TOrrents.. of course, if explorer is showing, then it has a lock on the dir preventing a move..

so now my question is why UT renamed them !ut when the content was 100% complete ?

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update2: this bug only seems to occur if the torrent goes from:


Queued Seed...

I tested the process with several torrents, and those that went:



were correctly moved to Completed Downloads

those that went into Queued Seed mode straight away (after finish checking), were all named .!ut and not moved to completed (?)

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